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About Alexander Gabrysch



AB 'Everything already has been photographed - just not by everybody, my call.'

Alexander has been doing quite a few things in his life, some of them even surprisingly well.

Coming from a family of petrol heads he was sure to learn how all things motorized work, go and even race.
His career in computer graphics began as early as 1987 on an Amiga 1000. Synthetic imagery is nice but as
his bipolar mind needs balance he took on electronic music, analogue photography and the great outdoors.

This amounts into a wide spectrum of his work - today he works as a freelance senior visual effects artist, editor, journalist and photographer.
His photography covers as wide a range as the lenses he uses - landscape, wildlife, macro, studio, tabletop, motorsports and cars are his main courses.
From early infrared experiences to filming with these days' DSLRs - check the galleries for a small reference of his weird mixture.